Top 3 Benefits Of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a boxing sport played in Thailand in which individuals attack with their elbow, fists, knees and feet similar to the moves used in martial arts. These strikes vary from each other in close, mid or long range. Participants of this sport need to have athletic qualities. Below are a few benefits of practicing Muay Thai:

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1. Enhanced Cardiovascular Conditioning

People who frequently participate in different types of physical activities including Muay Thai claim that none of the other exercises deliver cardiovascular conditioning as Muay Thai does. There are further two types of Muay that are anaerobic and aerobics. Both of these help in improving cardiovascular performance.   

2. Leg Strength

Most of the exercises of Muay consist of footwork and kicking. One exercise that is unique in this is the roundhouse kick. Due to these kicking and foot work participants can easily strengthen their legs and lower body. By doing Muay your muscles in the lower body benefit from footwork and kicking drills.

3. Relief from Stress

Another benefit of Muay is that it helps participants get rid of stress that accumulates during the day. Most people agree that it feels great to have an outlet for stress. It is also considered great for physical as well as mental health. As this sport is very fast paced you do not get time to think about things that happened during the day when you are training.

These are some of the benefits of practicing Muay Thai fitness routine.

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