Tourist locations one must visit

Puglia is one of the famous tourist places in Italy. This is a charming village with marvelous architecture,  traditions, folklores and plenty verity of tasty foods. You can to know must visit places in Puglia.


This town is part of Salento area and is situated in Lecce province. This place is located near the Adriatic sea along with eastern cost harbor which is the eastern most town in  Italy. Otranto's small sea port is used especially for the ferry services to Greece and is usually used for fishing and tourism activities. The city also gave name the name Strait of Otranto to the area which separates Albania and Italy.


It is a small town located in Bari province in south eastern part of Puglia with a population around 10,000 people. Alberobello is situated on two hills and the new town is located on the eastern hill with modern technologies and architecture. The other part is old town further divided into two districts: one is Montia and other is Aia Piccola, whereas both of them are national monuments.


It is a wonderful town which is located in  Lecce province and is a must visit place in Salento area. Its name was derived from Greek name 'Kale;polis' which stands for the Beautiful city' which is located along the Ionian coast. This town is divided into two parts: the newly constructed area of town consists of all public and business places and the other old part is located on small walled island which is connected to modern  mainland by 6th-century bridge 

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