What You Should Do After Enrolling In The Gleim Enrolled Agent Exam Course

If you have enrolled in the gleim ea review course and are not familiar with what to do next, then you will want to read this article.  When you first enroll in the gleim ea review course, you will want to briefly go through the course and get accustomed to the software.  If you want to start immediately you can begin by reviewing and reading the online version of the workbooks that you will be receiving in the mail.  However, the best way of utilizing the gleim ea review course, is just to wait till you get the books in the mail.  In the meantime check out the course and wait for your personal counselor from gleim to contact you.  The folks at gleim are really good at reaching out to students, so generally, they will get in contact with you before your books arrive in the mail..

One area that gleim really excels in is their focus on the individual student, they really do make you feel like you have an individual instructor at all times.  While the gleim ea review course is mostly a self paced learning course, where you need to do the studying and preparation for the exam on your own.  The folks at gleim do provide you with phone and email access to accounting professionals if you have any questions along the way.  Say for instance a particular tax concept or principle is giving you a hard time, you can contact gleim via telephone and have an accounting professional walk you through things.  Since the tax code and enrolled agent exam can be confusing at times, the fact that the gleim ea review course provides such individual help is a huge benefit.  In fact, some of the other courses on the market charge well over $300 just for email support, if you need additional help with a test question or quiz question. 

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